This section of My FluentCloud allows you to configure your voicemail boxes, listen to voicemails, customize greetings, and view changes to your voicemail box. 


Feature use cases (when to use this feature). 

Any special notes about the feature. (Example: Hotsesking is only supported on Polycom devices)


Permissions: Administrator-only


To Maintain an existing Voicemail Box


  1. Select Settings.

  2. Select Voicemail Boxes

  1. Search for the Voicemail Box you would like to make changes to. 

  2. Select the desired voicemail box. 

  1. Make the desired changes to the settings of the voicemail box and press Save.


New Voicemail Box Settings Configuration


  1. Select Settings

  2. Select Voicemail Boxes

  1. Press Add New

  1. Enter a Mailbox Number - This is required

  2. Enter a Mailbox Password - If nothing is entered, this will default to 1234

  3. Give the Mailbox a name. 

    1. Note: This is used for the Dial by Name Directory. 

  4. Select a Location. 

  1. Select a Country.

    1. Select a Timezone. 

  2. Enter an email address if you would like to receive email notifications. 

  3. Toggle on if you would like the voicemail recordings to be attached to the email. 

  1. Select the desired file format for the audio file. 

  2. Enable for the voicemail to be transcribed into text on the email. 

  3. Enable to have voicemails automatically deleted from the voicemail box once the email is delivered. 

  4. Enable for Caller ID to be stated during voicemail playback.

  1. Enable to allow callers to listen to their voicemail before delivering the voicemail. 

  2. Enable to hear time and date details during voicemail playback.

  3. Enable to hear the duration of the message during voicemail playback.

  4. Enable to allow forwarding voicemail to other voicemail boxes on the account. 

  1. Enable to hide the voicemail box from the Dial By Name directory. 

  2. Enable to receive a recorded message warning if there is still a Temporary Greeting on the voicemail box. 

  3. Enable to have the automated message skip after the custom created message. 

  4. Select Voicemail Exit Applications if desired. 

  1. Choose the preferred sort order for the voicemails in the voicemail box. 

  2. Enable to allow access to the voicemail box without entering a password. 

  3. Select Save to save any changes to the voicemail box settings. 




If you need any assistance with this feature, please contact FluentStream support.


Quick-dial, from a FluentStream device: 711

Phone: 303-GO-CLOUD (303-462-5683)