Routes chain together Features in order to provide specific call behavior for incoming calls. To learn how to set up a Route, follow the steps below!

Select Settings and then Routes


Click + Create New


Now you may customize your Route:


1. Create a Name for your Route. 

2. If you'd like, add a Description. This is optional.

3. Attach a Phone Number  - You will need to attach a phone number via the Phone Numbers page. You may click "Attach one now!" to be taken to that page. You may also refer to the How to Set Up Phone Numbers help doc.

4. Add Time Condition - The Routes will hit each time condition in order. The more specific the time condition, the higher it needs to be on the Route list. For example, if you have a special Time Condition, such as a holiday, you will want it at the top of the Route, with all hours always at the bottom as a failover. For more info please refer to How to Set Up Time Conditions.

5. Add Application - Here you select the call behavior you'd like to play during that Time Condition. 


You can drag and drop the applications to switch the order of execution. Please make sure the Route step includes valid Time Conditions. For example, if your Route was only set for business hours, incoming calls would fail after hours since no valid Time Condition would exist. Please note that Queues, Auto Attendant, and Voicemail boxes are Final Destination Applications. This means that any application following them in the route will NOT apply. 

If the first application is an extension, call group, or call queue then you must include one additional destination.

Below is an example of a properly set up Route:


A. The title of the Route - Main. This is what will display on the left side of of the Routes page.

B. The phone number attached to the Route

C. The first Time Condition and Applications - during the time condition "BizHrs", the calls will ring the Call Group "FWD Cell". If the call is unanswered, it will go to Voicemail Box 102.

D. The second Time Condition and Applications - during the time condition "AllTimes" (so this is anything outside of the BizHrs) it will go to the Auto Attendant. The caller will make selections from the Auto Attendant. 

If you need assistance, please contact FluentStream Support at 303-GO-CLOUD, or 303-462-5683