Voicemail Drop is a feature that allows you to send pre-recorded voicemail messages to the voicemail box of unanswered outbound calls. With this feature, you can add a personalized introduction, set an introductory countdown, and add as many recordings as needed. This is a great feature for sales and support teams who make multiple outbound calls and want the ease of dropping in a pre-recorded message. This is a premium feature.

If you have not created your Voicemail Message to Drop, please refer to this article Creating Your Voicemail Drop Recordings.

Using Voicemail Drop with Webphone:

1. Log into the FluentStream Webphone:

2. Place an outboud call:

3. Once you dial the number and it begins to process, you will see the drop down for the Voicemail Drop appear. After you hear the far end's line go to voicemail, wait for the beep. Then you can select Voicemail you would like to use. 

4. The pre-recorded message will then automatically be played, saving you time and breath! Below you can see 

1. The amount of time left in the pre-recorded message.

2. To leave a real time message, select "Start Talking".

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