The "Layout" determines the information that will be displayed and/or asked for in the SalesForce screen pop during a call. 

Before you can create a layout, you will need a Profile to attach it to. 

1. Step One - Create New Layout

Layout Name: The name of the layout for reference in 

Layout Linked Profile: The profile that will be linked to this set of layout conditions. You may want different Layouts for different profiles.

2. Step Two - Add Fields

Here is where you determine the layout of your SalesForce integration with FluentStream or more simply, the fields that will display on the pop up. The "fields" will correspond with the fields set in SalesForce and must include any required fields. 

In this example, we have selected "Lead Fields".

1. Select Enable for the field, this will allow it to appear in the pop up. 

2. Here you can add the fields you would like populated by searching in the "Sales
Force Lead Field Name" box. This will auto populate a search based on the fields already entered in Salesforce. You cannot create new fields here. You will need to add the any "Required" fields in Salesforce here as well. 

3. Make sure you Update Layout to save your changes. 

4. Push Layout To Chrome Extensions will push these updates to all the SalesForce Chrome Extensions that use that layout.