Conference rooms are designed to bring multiple parties together by dialing into the same phone number and PIN number. FluentStream provides several local numbers that can be bridged to the conference rooms created on your account.

To create a Conference Room go to "Features" --> "Conference Rooms". Click "Create New" on the left side of the page.


1. Name - The name you'd like for the Conference Room, ie "StreamConf" or "JohnsRoom".

2. Description - A description of the conference room, ie "for training".

3. Pin - A four digit code that gives you access to the conference room 

4. Admin Pin - A four digit code that gives the user Admin access. For more details on this please refer to the Conference Bridge Admin Privileges article.

5. Max Users - The maximum amount of users allowed in the conference room at one time. 

6. Hold Music - The hold music that will play to users while they wait in the conference room. 


7. Menu Options:

*:Playback Menu Options

1. Toggle Mute (mute yourself)

2. Lock/Unlock Room**

3. Kick out the last person that joined**

4. Decrease Listening Volume 

5.Increase Listening Volume

6.Decrease Talking Volume

7.Increase Talking Volume

8.Leave Conference

**Must have Admin Privileges


Disable Mute/Leave - Disables the Mute/Leave

Disable All Menu Options - Disables all Standard Menu Options

8. Announce Join/Leave - Announces when participants join and leave.

9. Wait For Admin - Waits for an Admin to join the room to being the audio on the conference. Participants hear hold music while they wait.

10. Record Conferences - Will record all calls made to the conference room.

11. Send Reports To - Will email report data regarding the conference room call.

12. FluentCloud Meetings URL - The Meet URL associated with that conference room. Each room can only have 1 URL.


Save your changes and you are good to go! If you need any assistance, please contact support at 303-GO-CLOUD, option 2.

Global Conference Numbers

Below is a list of conference numbers that anyone can use.

Number Location
(404) 228 - 6593 Atlanta Conference Bridge
(778) 381 - 7799 British Columbia Conference Bridge
(312) 888 - 3441 Chicago Conference Bridge
(469) 262 - 0204 Dallas Conference Bridge
(303) 997 - 0777 Denver Conference Bridge
(305) 200 - 5229 Miami Conference Bridge
(541) 203 - 2408 Oregon Conference Bridge
(626) 699 - 5656 Pasadena Conference Bridge
(916) 588 - 9668 Sacramento Conference Bridge