The Live Notes feature requires the use of FluentCloud ClicktoCall. For a guide on installation and initial setup see here. 

1. Once you have logged in to ClicktoCall with the corresponding extension you will be using for Live Notes, you will need to enable the feature. 

a) Open Options - 

b) Enable FluentCloud Live Notes and Save

c) Restart Chrome once the new feature has been updated. 

2. After the feature is setup on the extension, you are ready to use it! 

a) Completing an outbound or receiving an inbound phone call will initiate a pop up window as follows - 

b) Enter any data relevant to the ongoing call. 

c) On the active extension complete an attended or blind transfer to another extension in your organization. If the receiving end also has Live Notes enabled, the notes from the transferred call pass along in a pop up.  

Have questions? Give us a call at 303-GO-CLOUD, option 2 for support or send us an email here