To upgrade the Cisco 186 ATA from SCCP to SIP firmware, a tool provided by Cisco can be used on the local network to load the file over a custom TFTP connection.

The firmware upgrade tools zip is attached to this article in case you do not have an active Cisco licence to download from the Cisco website.

To run the upgrade, you will need:

  • A computer on the same LAN subnet as the ATA, 
  • The IP address of the computer being used.
  • An analog phone plugged into Line 1 port of the ATA (for dialing the upgrade DTMF code).  A fax machine can generally be used to dial these codes as well.
Inside the zip file there are 3 programs:

  • ata186us.exe - for Windows based computers
  • ata186us.linux - for linux based computers (will need to change file permission to allow execution)
  • ata186us.sun - for SUN Microsystems based computers
Running each of these programs is done from a command line prompt open to teh extracted folder location.  An example of running the upgrade from a computer at IP address 192.168.103 is below:

  • Windows --  C:\>ata186us -any -h192.168.0.103 ATA030100SIP040211A.zup
  • Linux --  ./sata186us.linux -any -h192.168.0.103 ATA030100SIP040211A.zup
Once started, the program will provide the upgrade code to be typed into the Cisco 186 ATA via the Line 1 port:

Using dialpad of your telephone (attached to your ATA box),

press ATA button to go to main menu, and enter:

100#192*168*0*103*8000# (to upgrade code)

Full Instructions from Cisco can be found in sata186us.txt if needed as well.  After the ATA completes the upgrade process, and status lights return to normal, you can verify the firmware version by dialing 123#.  The version provided here is 3.01.00.