Call Forwarding using a Call Group

What it does: Allows outside numbers to receive calls when in the Call Group 

Who can set it: Admin users 

How to use it: When you would like an outside number to be apart of a Call Group. To do this you will go to "Features"-->"Call Groups"-->Select the Call Group-->"Members".  Under "Add phone number". This will include the outside number in the call group, along with any additional numbers or extensions that you add. SUBMIT

When to use it: John is in sales for an appliance company, however, he only works outside of the office. When a call is directed to the call group for "Sales", it rings the two other sales representatives in the office as well as John's cell phone. This allows John to be included in the sales calls for the company without having to be in office.

When it won't work: It should work without issue. Be sure to include a failover in the call group in the event the devices are unreachable to avoid dropped calls. 

Pro Tips: Customize your settings in the call group to maximize functionality. Under Settings you will see the following options: 

"Confirm External Group Members" - Will only prompt external numbers for call confirmation. This is good for separating personal calls from business calls.

"Send Caller Dialed number instead of Call ID" - Will display caller ID as the number that the caller dialed. For example, If Sue calls 444-555-6666, and that reaches the "Sales" call group mentioned earlier, and John answers the call on his cell phone, the caller ID will display "444-555-6666" instead of Sue's caller ID. This is inform John that this is a work call and not a personal call. 

"Send answered elsewhere message to cancelled calls" - Will notify softphones or click to call application that the call has been answered by someone else in the call group.