Direct Call Forwarding in a Route

What it does: Call forwards as an application in a Route. 

Who can set it: Admin users 

When to use it: When you would like all calls made to the number attached to the route to be forwarded. Please refer to: How to Set Up Call Forwarding in a Route.

How to use it: Mary is the office manager for A&A Law. Today, they experienced a busted water pipe in the bathroom which put them out of the office temporarily. Mary set the call forwarding application at the top of the Route attached to their main business number so that any clients calling in would be forwarded to her cell phone in the meantime. Once their office was cleared out, she was able to remove this and have calls directed back to the desk phones. 

When it won't work: If the Call Forwarding application is below an "Auto Attendant" or "Queue". 

Pro Tips: There is no call confirm option for this set up, so the call will not hit the FluentStream system if it goes unanswered or rejected. This option is best if the call forwarding number should be the end destination for the call.