Default Username/Password

Username: admin

Password: admin

Standard QoS configuration

Network > QoS > Application


** Important - WAN connections need to have the available bandwidth set to 90-95% of available ISP speeds for optimal QoS performance.

How to Enable Pinging


“Reply to ICMP Ping” Setting available per WAN connection.

How to Enable/Disable SIP ALG

Network > Miscellaneous Settings > Service Passthrough

Standard Mode: SIP ALG ON

** SIP ALG works correctly and helps properly track SIP connections on Peplink routers. It is recommended to leave it enabled unless you have an analog fax adapter (non-vFax) in use. There is a known issue with T.38 negotiation and Standard mode.

Compatibility Mode: SIP ALG OFF


Any other known issues/preferred configurations w/ FS service

Advanced DHCP options allow you to configure phones automatically via option 66 \ 160. To use option 66, TFTP passthrough must first be enabled in the same section where SIP-ALG is controlled.

Network -> LAN -> Network Settings


Option 66 works for a majority of phones, while 160 is used for Polycom phones. Both can be used at once for mixed environments.

Multi-WAN load balancing.

While the default settings work well in combination with the SIP-ALG being enabled, you may want to setup various custom load balancing policies. As a general rule of thumb, you want to ensure that the phones remain on a single connection unless forced to failover due to an outage. The ideal setup is to dedicate a single connection to the phone traffic, and the other for data, with the “Priority” balancing method.

For advanced Outbound Policy questions, feel free to contact FluentStream Support for help with policy choices.

Some example rules to isolate phones:

Isolate per MAC address (for smaller installs)


Isolate based on service type (SIP-ALG required ON)


Isolate based on domain name (results vary per model, verify effectiveness with connection tracker)

Isolate by server address (not recommended due to possible IP changes, effective for testing)