Default Username/Password

Username: admin

Password: admin

Standard QoS configuration

Applications & Gaming > QoS

Internet Access Priority: Enabled

Upstream Bandwidth: Auto

Category: Voice Device

 Name: Whatever you like example: 100-John Doe

 Enter Mac address In the following format 00:AA:22:BB:44CC (Make sure all letters are capitalized)

 Priority: High

select Apply

Do this procedure for every phone on the Network.

When your finished adding the devices select Save Settings.


Media Prioritization tab

Applications > Add a New Application

set up like Fig.1

Click and drag into the High Priority slot.

select ok

How to Enable Pinging

Go to Security

Deselect Filter Anonymous Internet Requests

Note* If there is not a firewall in place this will compromise security on the router

How to Enable/Disable SIP ALG

SIP ALG disabled by default

Administration > ALG  


Connectivity > Administration > Application Layer Gateway

Any other known issues/preferred configurations w/ VoIP service

WAN pings are disabled by default.

Polycom phones may have trouble registering.