FluentCloud Live Manager allows you to view and manage your calls from the Chrome web browser. With this app, you can see which extensions are currently in calls, available, and unavailable for calls. 

To download the Live Manager app, click here, or go to the Chrome App Store and search for FluentCloud Live Manager

In the top right corner of the page, click the Add To Chrome button. 

Once you've finished adding the app, you can find it in the Apps page of your Chrome browser. Generally, you can access the Apps page from an Apps button at the top left of your Chrome browser. 

**However, that will depend on how your browser is set up. If you do not have an Apps button, you can also access them by pasting chrome://apps/ into your address bar. 

If you have any questions about downloading the FluentCloud Live Manager app, please call our support team at 303-GO-CLOUD option 2. 

The next step is to sign in with your existing FluentCloud log in credentials. For instructions on this, click here