Notification Workflows allow you to receive notifications when certain events happen with your phone system. This tool is especially helpful for admins or supervisors to remain aware of any important matters that may need attention.

Setting Up a New Notification Event

1. Ensure you are logged into with admin status, then, under the Features drop-down menu, select Notification Workflows. 


2. Click and select the event you would like to receive notifications for in the Event list on the Left:


  • Agent Auto Paused – If a dynamic queue agent is idle long enough to be auto paused.

  • 911 Call Made – When a 911 call is made off any phone in your FluentCloud system. 



  • Call Group Exit Unanswered – If a call is not answered in a call group in the specified amount of time.


  • Incoming Call – Receive a notification for an incoming call from a specified phone number. This is helpful when you want to be made aware of any sensitive or important clients or customers calling in. Just enter their phone number, and you will receive the notification of your choice when they call into your system.


  • New Voicemail Received – This goes hand-in-hand with voicemail notification emails on the voicemail box page, but it allows you more ways of being notified, instead of just the standard email.


  • Parking Lot Pickup Call – when a call is retrieved from parking lot


  • Queue Caller Exit Event – If a caller leaves a queue before their call is answered. This helps ensure that all customers are assisted during high call volume times.


  • Queue Service Level Agreement (SLA) Violation – The service level is a specified amount of time for calls to be answered within. If calls are not answered within this set time limit, the call is considered to be outside of the ideal amount of time you want your callers on hold. The Service Level duration is set in the Queue Behavior settings (see below). You can later run statistics on the number of calls that failed to meet your Service Level Agreement.                

  • Site Offline – Site Offline means you will get a notification when all phones at a single location become unreachable to our servers.


3. Once you have selected the Event you would like to be notified for, the next step is to choose how you would like to receive your notifications. To do this, click + Add Action. A drop down menu will appear, listing the different ways you can be notified. After you finished you click Create event.


  • Time Conditions: If you need to create or add a time condition Click Here!!
  • Chrome Push Notification uses the Google Chrome browser to send a pop-up message in the corner of your screen.
  • Create Webhook is a notification tool for tenants using a custom built API to integrate into their existing system.
  • Send Email will send an email notification to the entered email address.
  • Send SMS will send a text message to the entered cell phone number.

4. When you have finished entering the events you would like to be notified about and how you wish to be notified, don't forget to click Save Notification Settings at the top or bottom of the screen. 


If you have any questions or need assistance setting up a Notification Workflow, call our support line at 303-GO-CLOUD Option 2; Or Create a ticket through the user portal.