When creating a Route, you have the ability to set up Call Forwarding. Similar to setting up Call Forwarding in the Portal, you can use Call Forwarding directly in a route. 

When used in a route, the call will automatically be forwarded to the number you set instead of having to go through an extension. For example, many people use this to automatically send all calls to an external cell phone. Using this in a Route allows you use other applications prior to the call hitting call forwarding, such as a call group or an individual extension. Call Forwarding is considered a "Final Destination" and any application set after that will be invalid. 

1. Log into my.fluentcloud.com. You must be an admin to access this.

2. Go to Settings>Routes

3. Select the Route you would like to edit and add the call forwarding to

4. Click Add Application, then Call Forwarding

Then, click on "Call Forwarding" to add the phone number you'd like to forward the calls to. Be sure to format your number as shown below inorder to ensure proper call forwarding.

After you've added the phone number, click Save Changes to keep your route.

If you have any questions or need assistance setting up Call Forwarding, please call our support team at 303-GO-CLOUD option 2. (303-462-5683 opt 2)