Plantronics Savi Series\D100 adapter and Bria Integration

Please note - this guide covers Bria 4 installations.  Bria 3 will be similar, but may not have the same compatibility with all headsets.

Install the Plantronics Spokes Software:

Once installation is complete, verify that your headset is detected:

  • Open the Plantronics Control Panel
  • Devices should list the “D100”.
  • Reboot the computer to complete driver installation.

Once logged back in, verify a few things:

  • Open Bria, and go to the Preferences Menu under the Softphone menu
  • On the initial Application tab, press the “Set Bria 4 as your default softphone”.
  • On the windows screen that shows up, hit select all, then OK\Apply.
  • Back in the Bria Preferences menu, go to the devices tab.
  • Under HID Device, you should see “Plantronics D100” and only None as the other option in the drop down list.  If you see multiple entries for the Plantronics D100 (1,2,3) then installation or detection failed, try the install again, and\or restarting Bria.
  • Both Speaker and Microphone should also list the Plantronics D100 – This generally always works fine.

Final step just to make sure:

  • Open the Plantronics Control Panel
  • Under the Applications tab, Bria should now be listed and showing both enabled and running.
  • Other applications may also be in this list, that is ok as long as those other applications do not process calls for you.  If you do experience any strange behavior, please close the other applications and try again.

The call control button on the outside of the headset will now allow you to answer\end calls.  You can also swap between calls when a second call is incoming (1st call will be placed on hold and the second call is answered).

BUG NOTICE - If the headset is on the charging cradle when an call comes in, picking up the headset will answer the call, but the call control button only disconnects the audio, and not the call itself.  Subsequent calls are controlled properly.  This will likely be addressed by Plantronics in a software update, which will be downloaded automatically.

A side benefit of installing the Spokes software is a battery monitor in your computer tray. Notifications will let you know when the battery is at 75\50\25 and lower.