Starting a Conference Call

To start a conference call from the dashboard:

1. Do one of the following:

  • Enter the number or address by typing
  • Drag a contact or history item
  • Select from the redial list

2. Choose Start conference call.

To start a conference call from an existing call:

1. Choose Invite to Conference Call.

Managing the Conference

To add more participants to the conference call:

  • Right-click on a contact or history item and choose Add to Conference Call.
  • In the conference call panel, enter a name in the call entry field and click Add.
  • Add in a separate call that is not part of the conference call:
    In the call panel for the individual call, click the down arrow and choose Merge Calls.
    This call is added to the conference call

To remove participants from the conference call:

1. Click the down arrow beside a participant name and choose Separate.

The call becomes separate.

To end a conference call:

1. Choose End conference from the conference menu.