This is the most likely candidate for installation in a majority of cases.  1 analog output, 1 analog input, multicast output, 2 relay switches.

Required configuration software only runs on Windows. Guide here.

Useful Tips:

  • Default password is moonbase
  • Multicast must not be blocked on the network for configuration tool to operate normally.(some switches\routers will block multicast)
  • There is no "factory reset", but you can backup an initial config to restore later.  Recommend this as first configuration step.
  • Yealink phones can be configured to receive multicast audio from the Valcom(  Useful for testing media server --> Valcom connection is working, before wiring in analog speakers.
  • The Valcom will make a distinct "click" sound when it answers a page, whether or not you successfully get audio from speakers\phones.  This is the relay switch toggling.  
  • Firmware hosted on website is outdated.  Newer version from Valcom support is attached to this article -- vip201-r223-17-Sep-2012-firmware.tar

Known Issues:

  • DNS lookups for SRV and A-records is spotty, recommend using server ip addresses for registration.
  • NAT traversal for audio will fail despite valid STUN settings
    • Workaround #1: Enable the Pre-announce tone.  This allows asterisk comedia to detect the correct port to send the page audio to. (Most closely emulates a standard SIP phone)
      • If you need the announce tone removed, but use this workaround to correct NAT, load our *unofficial* custom firmware attached to this article - vip201-r223-FS-silence-firmware.tar.(replaces tone with silence)
    • Workaround #2: Setup the Valcom with it's own dedicated static ip address.
    • Workaround #3: Utilize a router with a good SIP-ALG that will re-write the SIP packets with the correct NAT info. (Actiontec C1000a from CenturyLink is an example of a working router\modem)
  • Polycom phones do not properly receive multicast audio.(Polycom has it's own multicast standard)
  • POE power is the only reliable power source(that we have found), unless you have the official power supply from Valcom.