You can enable call forward feature on a per-line basis. The handset will forward incoming calls to the line to another party.

Three forwarding types:

  • Always Forward: Incoming calls are immediately forwarded.
  • Busy Forward: Incoming calls are immediately forwarded if the line is busy.
  • No Answer Forward: Incoming calls are forwarded if not answered after a period of time

To enable call forward feature for a specific line:

1. Press  to enter the main menu.

2. Select  ->Call Forward.

The LCD screen displays the incoming lines currently assigned to the handset.

3. Press  or  to highlight the desired line, and press the OK soft key.

4. Press  or  to highlight the desired forwarding type, and press the OK soft key.

5. Press  or  to select Enabled from the Status field.

6. Enter the destination number you want to forward incoming calls to in the Target field.

7. Press  or  to select the desired ring time to wait before forwarding from the After Ring Time field (only available for No Answer Forward).

8. Press the Save soft key to accept the change.

The  icon on the idle screen indicates call forward feature is enabled.

If Always Forward is selected, there is no prompt on the LCD screen when the line receives an incoming call. The incoming call is logged in the Accepted Calls list.