The call forwarding feature on the IP phone allows incoming calls to be forwarded to another destination. The phone sends the SIP message to the SIP proxy, which then forwards the call to the assigned destination. 

Call forwarding is disabled by default. You can enable call forwarding on a global basis or on an individual line-basis, for each line. If you have configured call forwarding on an individual line, then the settings for this line are used; otherwise, the phone-wide call forward settings are used.

You can enable call forwarding on all phones (global settings) or on specific lines (local settings) of a single phone. For local settings, you can set call forwarding on up to 9 individual lines.

For global and local call forwarding, you can set the following:
• Call forward mode
• Destination number
• Number of rings before forwarding the call (from 1 to 9 rings)

Setting Call Forwarding:

1. Press  on the phone to enter the Options List.
2. Select Call Forward and press Show.
3. Enter the "Call Forward" number destination for which you want your incoming calls to be forwarded.
Note: If you leave the "Number" field blank, call forwarding is disabled.
4. Enter the "Call Mode" that you want to set on your phone.
5. Enter the "Number of Rings" you want to set before the call is forwarded. Valid values are 1 to 9.
Note: "Number of Rings" field applys to No Answer and Busy No Answer modes only.
6. Press Enter to save the settings