Your phone maintains local lists of missed, received, and placed calls. Each list contains 100 entries.

Press , and then select Features > Call Lists > Missed CallsReceived Calls, or Placed Calls. The following shows a Placed Calls list.

Manage the call list by doing the following:

  • To edit the phone number, press the Edit soft key.
  • To return the call, press the Dial soft key.
  • To view information about the call, press press the More soft key followed by the Info soft key.
  • To store the contact in the Contact Directory, press the More soft key followed by the Save soft key.
  • To delete the call from list, press the More soft key followed by the Clear soft key.
  • Press  to return to the home screen.

Time Saver Tip:

  • Press the Right arrow key from the home screen to access the PlacedCalls list.
  • Press the Left arrow key from the home screen to access the Received Calls list. 
  • Press the Down arrow from the home screen to access the Missed Calls list. 
You can use these shortcuts while placing calls or performing transferring and conferencing functions.

Note: You can manually clear all call lists by pressing the Menu key and then selecting Features > Call Lists > Clear. They are also automatically cleared when you restart the phone.