You can download Bria Android App for your phone from the Google Play store at the following link:

For the Android Tablet Edition, use this link:

Starting Bria

Click Bria icon on Android to run program

Setting Up Accounts

1. Select Add Account
2. Select SIP and add account user information
Account Name:  FluentCloud
Display As:         Enter User Name (i.e. John Smith)
Username:         Please contact FluentStream for Username 
Password:          Please contact FluentStream for Password
Domain:             Please contact FluentStream for Domain
VM Number:      *97
Please Note: All information is case sensitive. If the information is incorrectly entered more than three times, you will get knocked offline. Please be sure to double check all information before enabling the account.

3. Switch enabled to On
4. When you have successful registered, tap the Phone icon and try placing a call.