Call groups can be used individually within a Route, as an option on an Auto Attendant, or as a failover destination. You should use a call group when you want multiple phones to ring. For instance, if you have a sales group or multiple reception phones, you will want to group them together in a Call Group.

If you have a very high call volume or long call times, a Queue may better suit your needs. A Queue will allow callers to remain on hold until someone becomes available to answer. This way you can live answer calls without having calls failover to voicemail.

To add a Call Group:

Select Features from the menu, then select Call Groups.

Click the "+ Create New" button:

Name the new Call Group and enter a description:

Select how you want the Call Group to behave:

1. Call Group Extension Number - This assigns an extension number to the call group. This will work internally for transferring or extension to extension dialing. The extension of the call group cannot be the same as any other extension on the account.

2. Distinctive Ring - Allows you to select a distinctive ring for calls coming through that call group.

3. Ring in Use - When enabled, it allows extensions in the call group to receive calls even if they are already on the phone.

4. Confirm All Calls By Pressing 1 - Will require all devices (hardphones, softphones, and outside numbers) to confirm the call before pick up.

5. Confirm External Call Group Members - Will only prompt external numbers for call confirmation. This is good for separating personal calls from business calls.

6. Send Caller Dialed Number Instead of Caller Id - Will display caller ID as the number that the caller dialed. 

7. Send Answered Elsewhere to Cancelled Calls - Will notify softphones or click to call application that the call has been answered by someone else in the call group.

8. Record Calls - select if you want calls recorded for this call group.

9. Prepend Text to Caller ID  - If you'd like a caller ID to be passed internally when a call comes through this call group. For example, if it is the Sales call group "Sales" will display on the caller ID. 

10. Ring Strategy: If you would like the extensions to ring all or sequentially.

11. Music On Hold Category - The hold music you'd like to play

12. Play to Caller before Answer - Select if you would like "Ringing" or "Hold Music" to play for the caller while they wait for the call to connect.

Select  Members tab:

Add Extensions by clicking the green arrow to sort them into the Selected Extensions And Numbers column

You can add outside numbers, such as a cell phone, here as well.

Select the Fail Over tab:

Set the Duration the Call Group should ring for in seconds

Select your Fail Over Application, or where the call will be directed should no one answer. This only applies if the Call Group is the "last destination" for the caller. If the Call Group is followed by another application in the route, the call will roll over to that application. 

Select if you'd like Mark Unanswered enabled for reporting.

Save your changes and you are good to go!

If you need assistance, please contact FluentStream Support at 303-GO-CLOUD, or 303-462-5683 (opt 2).