The following guide will walk you through the process of provisioning your Aastra 57i phone to work on  FluentCloud’s new and improved hosted phone system.  Please note that you may contact a FluentStream Support Technician to assist you with this provisioning process.  To contact support dial (303) GO-CLOUD and Select Option 2 for Support.
Step 1 —Reset Phone to Factory Default
Before you begin configuring your phone to work with the new FluentCloud platform you will first need to restore the Aastra phone to its original factory settings. To do this, hit the Settings button on the phone and select Admin Menu (option 5). Enter in the password ‘22222’ and hit select. If this password does not work, you may need to contact your current provider, as they may have changed it from the default. Then select Factory Default (option 4). Hit Yes
STEP 2 —Phone Configuration
Once the phone is booted back up, hit the Settings button and scroll down to Admin Menu (option 5). Enter password ’22222’ and  hit select. Go to Cfg. Svr (option 1) and select HTTP (option 2). Select Primary Server (option 1) and change the entry to ’’. (This will be easier by hitting the ‘ABC’ soft key a couple of times, to set it to ‘123’ typing). Hit Enter and then  Done  until you exit all the way back out. Then reboot the phone. Hit the Settings button,  and select Restart Phone (option 6).

 STEP 3—Complete Provisioning
Once you have completed the steps outlined above, your phone will begin a reboot process that may take several minutes to complete.  Please DO NOT unplug the phone or make any other change to the settings while the phone is booting up. Once the boot process has completed your Polycom phone should be registered to work with FluentCloud.  Contact a FluentStream Support Technician to assist you if the phone is not working properly.  To contact support dial (303) GO-CLOUD and Select Option 2 for Support.